Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Deadline approaching for No Safe Harbor 2 submissions

Remember folks, the deadline for submissions to No Safe Harbor 2 is this Saturday. Any length from 500 words up (or indeed artwork or other book-suitable material) is welcomed. As long as it relates to one of the three Pirate Planks:

  1. Government & Corporate accountability and transparency
  2. Personal Privacy
  3. Copyright/Patent/Trademark reform

It can be a fictional story, an academic paper, a long-form blog post or anything in between. It can focus on things in your country, another country or a comparison between them. The idea behind the book is a collective sense of why we're pirates, and what we do and don't like.

The only thing we ask is that it is in English (and if you're worried about the quality of your English, we can help there). But we need it (in at the very least 'final draft form' this weekend. That way we can get it out on time December 1st.


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