Monday, February 13, 2012

No Safe Harbor 2

We are pleased with the amount of publicity No Safe Harbor has gotten. Thank you, keep spreading it around.

That said, we plan on releasing No Safe Harbor 2: Still No Safe Harbor later this year. We will take into account all of the comments and concerns we have received from the first book and put that toward making the next one better than the original.

We plan on keeping the same three sections in the next book, those being Government and Corporate Transparency and Accountability, Personal Privacy, and Copyright, Patent, and Trademark Reform.

We also want to include more, varied, comics.

That's where you come in.

Ever since the beginning of the Pirate Party, we have used a boat metaphorically to describe the United States. You are all on this boat. It is your pirate voice that should be at the forefront of this series.

To that end, we ask you, all of the people on this boat, to participate. Do you have an idea for an essay? Even if you yourself aren't capable of writing it, submit your idea. We'll see if we can work with you on it.

Here's a few of the ideas we would like to see in the next book:

Net Neutrality, Internet Literacy, Basic Internet Access For All, Election Reform, Ranked Choice Instant Runoff Voting, Public Financing of Elections, Separating Corporations From Political Power, Open Sourced Solutions, ACTA and PIPA.

And if it's not listed, but you have an idea, let us know.

And of course comics that mention these topics as well.

The editor of the No Safe Harbor series can be reached at or you could comment in this thread.