Thursday, January 24, 2013

No Safe Harbor - 1 year on

Today marks one year since the release of No Safe Harbor.

In that time, there’s been tens of thousands of downloads, both from the direct links on the top left of this site, and via the torrents available around the net (from the pirate bay, to the Canadian Pirate Party).

There have also been significant physical sales, greater than I expected, and probably greater than Brad expected too. These sales have been worldwide, from the UK to the opposite side of the world, in Australia. And we thank you.

We’re also thankful that so many of you are asking about No Safe Harbor 2, and who are eagerly looking forward to it. We are as well.

I know that, initially, our plans were for it to be out December 1, 2012. Unfortunately, plans change. Both myself and Bradley have had other commitments that literally could not be put on hold while we worked on the book. Some were personal, but some also included actively working on the very issues and topics these books cover. When we have a chance to act, we hope you can forgive us for acting, and saving the telling for another day.

We are still working on No Safe Harbor 2. I’ve spent the last week preparing the backend stuff. Brad has been working on the texts. We hope that the book will at the very least be at the eARC stage within the next month.

I hope you'll support that as strongly as you have No Safe Harbor.


Andrew “K`Tetch” Norton
Co-Editor, No Safe Harbor